Innovations in refrigeration

The new FagorBrandt refrigerator range has evolved from previous ranges to provide a better response to the key requirements of consumers, at the traditional and more cutting edge ends of the market.

Guaranteed safe food conservation

Vacuum packing makes it possible to keep food up to 5 times longer while preserving freshness and nutritional value. This user-friendly system uses an integrated pump to remove air from a 6 litre drawer that, once the vacuum has been created, can be put anywhere you like in the fridge or outside. The result is perfect food preservation.

Biolysis + Biocare = absolute food preservation

The exclusive Biolysis system destroys odours and bacteria inside the fridge using airflow and optical energy to prevent food from becoming contaminated.

The Biocare drawer is a genuine bacterial shield. Its special silver ion charged coating prevents the build-up of bacteria deposits and coupled with the Biolysis system offers perfect food preservation.

Vacuum packing

Contact with air is a primary factor in causing changes in food products. Therefore, by using the FagorBrandt vacuum packing system to keep food oxygen free, food can be kept for longer in the fridge. Not only that, but the original freshness, taste, texture and smell is maintained up to five times longer.

This innovation is designed primarily for food products with a short shelf life or that should be kept separately (meat and fish for example).

The vacuum pack area is attached to the back of the refrigerator to create the vacuum after which it can be stored anywhere in the refrigerator.

Optifresh for perfectly kept fruit and vegetables

To keep fruit and vegetables in perfect condition in a refrigerator they should be stored so that they donít touch one other at a cool and stable temperature with adequate humidity and no ethylene.

Ethylene is a natural gas produced by certain fruit and vegetables during maturation and which can accelerate deterioration of other products. Optifresh uses a potassium permanganate cartridge* to capture the ethylene allowing fruit and vegetables to be stored in the same compartment and kept for up to four times as long while keeping their fresh look and nutritional qualities.

* The cartridge lasts for approximately 3 months and has a timer showing the time left until a cartridge change is required.

Useful and efficient

The Barao provides a supply of cool water (tap or mineral). Located at the front of the fridge, this water distributor can store up to three litres of water without a connection to a water supply.

The Ice Cube, is an ingenious device for making ice cubes in a refrigerator that doesnít have a freezer or ice compartment. It clips easily onto the back wall of the fridge and converts water into ice.


FagorBrandt is an expert in refrigeration management. Regulated Refrigeration is an exclusive system developed by FagorBrandt, combining a fan-driven system with vertical ventilation to maintain a constant temperature and humidity level throughout the fridge, helping food to keep up to three times longer than usual.

Acknowledged achievements: The Groupís product ranges are recognised for their economy and high performance with products classed A+ and A++ (in terms of energy consumption). The Group has also tackled the question of noise and produces the quietest appliances on the market with fridges generating only 35 dBa (studies state that sleep is not disturbed at noise levels of below 38 dBa).

Interactive electronic screen: an information panel, available in three languages (French, English and Italian) provides details on how the appliance works and on exclusive features such as (excel freeze) and innovative alarm systems.